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About Magaroo

At Magaroo we marry online convenience with fulfilment from community shops and services. We provide a platform, Magaroo, that solves the shared problems that many of our community merchants face when setting up online. At the same time, we offer their customers the convenience of online ordering.

How We Help?

The resources required to create and maintain an e-commerce website are significant. We solve the technical problems and offer that solution for free* via the Magaroo platform. Our merchants and their customers benefit from the simplicity, scale and security of our platform. Leaving them to focus on their business or shopping!

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How Are We Different?

Many online purchases take place with a few giant companies. Orders can be fulfilled from warehouses or dark premises with no high street presence. This model is a siginificant challenge to the community shops and services we all love.

Our mission is to help, not disrupt. By assisting merchants to transact online via Magaroo, we will help maintain the culture of neighbourhood shops and services.

Why Online Matters?

Between 2015 and 2019 online sales grew at a rate of 16%. In 2019 online sales were 13.6% of total sales. In 2020 due to COVID this jumped to 18%. That is a 32% increase! By 2024, 21% of all sales may be made online.

If you are a community shop, take-away or other business don't miss out on online sales from people like Lucy. There are lots people out there that want to shop locally and online.

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merchant benefits

customer benefits

Merchant Benefits

Increase Sales

Access a growing online market

Be easily found by customers

Showcase all your products

Test new ideas quickly

Business Friendly Features

Simple, quick setup

No technical website maintenance

Support on all features

Your own shopfront and branding

Flexible fulfilment options

Sell by quantity or weight

Social & search optimisation included

Easy to share, legible shop urls

Intuitive Online Tools

Easy product management

Simple order fulfilment

Secure payment processing

Customer invoicing

Point of sale printing

Real-time notifcations

Accounting downloads

Quality Technology

Enterprise level infrastructure

Daily backups

Security by design

GDPR compliance built in

A growing feature set

Value for Money

Simple straightforward pricing

Currently free!

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customer benefits

Customer Benefits

Ability to buy locally online

Support community businesses

Merchants all in one place

Similar ordering experience
across all merchants

Securely saved billing details

Order quickly & easily

Fast and simple checkout

Secure payment processing

Saved order history

Easily reorder the shopping or take-out

Order from any device,
any time any place any where

Security by design

No third party cookies or tracking

GDPR compliance built in

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Meet the Magamakers

The "Magamakers" are the heroes!
They are the merchants and customers that come together on the Magaroo platform.

They are the artisans; the butchers; the bakers; the customers; the burger kitchen; the farm shop; the greengrocers; the fishmongers; the pizza shop; the pub; the restaurant; the shoppers; the takeaway.

They are all local legends that create the place where they live and shop on Magaroo! The following videos showcase a few of our Magamakers and their thoughts on Magaroo.

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Magaroo has transformed our home delivery system.
We don't know how we managed without it.

Munneries Greengrocer East Wittering.

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Magaroo has helped
make us more organised.
We can process orders
in an instant.

A S Wallace Butchers East Wittering.

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It (Magaroo) has
been a really convenient
system for me.
Thank you Magaroo!

Lucy from the Witterings

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it's like a shop
window for us.
We can put everything on it.
Which we can't do on our website.

Something Fishy Fismongers East Wittering.

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