Lucy's Story'

Magamakers Episode 3

The third episode in our Magamakers series focuses on one of our Magaroo customers, Lucy from the Witterings.

This is a must watch for small business owners! Don’t let the big companies take your online sales. Offer big company online convenience via local sellers! Let Lucy and other online customers buy locally!

Let us briefly introduce Lucy and the episode. In March and April 2021 we ran a competition to promote buying your weekly online shop locally! Lucy was the lucky winner having shopped at multiple local sellers over the course of the competition. Fast forward to June and Lucy kindly agreed to record a short unscripted video for us to present to other regions. The episode will focus on Lucy’s experience using Magaroo to buy goods online at her local shops.

We have to say a really BIG thank you to Lucy! THANK YOU! It was immediately apparent that she understands our ethos and goals. We couldn't have scripted a better Magamaker video ourselves! We really hope that you enjoy hearing Lucy's point of view. Sellers, there is a world of online customers out there that want to buy locally. Don't miss out on their support!

p.s. This is the entirety of her video in its original order with no cuts. We have added Magaroo branding, subtitles, and some screenshots to demonestrate some of the points that Lucy discusses.

More and more people are shopping online. If you aren't offering online purchases you are missing out. Don't let a retail giant take those sales. Let people that buy online buy local, with you and Magaroo.